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Theo De Beer (with a name like that, you can’t help but think it was a calling) founded the Anvil Brewhouse in 2010, with 10 years brewing experience behind him before that. Named Anvil because Theo’s father was a latter-day blacksmith, which is why we like to call Theo and his protégé and now brewmaster Christo Holtzhausen, Beersmiths.

All our beers are brewed on site in Dullstroom using water sourced on site from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge, one of our most special and important ingredients. Combined with local and internationally sourced hops and ingredients, we brew many variants including Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, Black Anvil, Alaskan Amber Ale as well as our intentionally awarded White Anvil, Bookoo and Mjolnir IPA.


6% ABV | Theoretical IBU’s 56

Like Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder and lightning, this American West Coast India Pale Ale (IPA) dwells in the realms of the mythical. Not a recognised style (yet), but different enough to make people sit up and talk about it. A top fermenting apricot coloured beer, with a much lower malt character, a bracing hop bitterness and tropical grapefruit flavour. After swallowing, a polite burp brings back the hop aroma into the mouth and nasal cavities.




4% ABV | Theoretical IBU’s 27

Crisp and refreshing, with a gentle citrus fruitiness, it’s the perfect beer to satisfy the South African taste. Styled on a Kölsch that has been brewed in the German town of Cologne since the 17th century, it’s a light coloured pilsner like beer. Fermented at ale temperatures with a wheat-style yeast, then lagered at cold temperatures to lose the ale characteristics.

The imported New Zealand hops we use for this beer enhances this by adding a crushed citrus and lime character. The water used in our brewing process, sourced on site from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge, is perfect for the delicate nature of this beer.

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4% ABV | Theoretical IBU’s 20

White Anvil is a centuries old Belgian light wheat style beer that hits the right spot when the heat of summer descends over Africa. Slightly sweet and tart at the same time, combining the smoothness of oats to make the most refreshing and complex beer.

Your nose might identify the aroma as bubblegum or litchi. Spices dominate over hops, with coriander and naartjie peel, sourced from a farm that still produces heirloom varieties, imparting a nutty and citrus undertone. The addition of raw un-malted wheat combined with a powdery yeast (that tends to stay in suspension) leads to a haze, giving raise to the Flemish name “Wit Bier”.

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4% ABV | Theoretical IBU’s 2

A summer beer, available from October – May. A truly South African beer infused with Buchu, a medicinal herb from the Cape floral kingdom that imparts an understated herby flavour with black currant, rosemary and mint dominating. The brewing process involves using unmalted raw wheat in the grain bill and add either citrus or litchi honey at the end of the boil. This choice of honey carries over into the aroma and combines with the mixture of flavours from the Buchu. Something a little different, it’s a light refreshing beer perfect for the summer heat of Africa.



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4% ABV  | Theoretical IBU’s 30-32

The term Pale Ale dates back to the 19th century, originating from the Burton area in England, this traditional style was lighter than most other ales at the time, but it’s potentially a bit of a misleading now for a copper-to-red coloured ale A mixture of three imported hop types gives this ale an aromatic character that is combined with fruity esters from the Yorkshire yeast strain used. A lingering spicy hop character on the back of the tongue is balanced by the malty fullness on the front of the palette. If you like the hops, this one for you.




4% ABV  | Theoretical IBU’s 30-32

Black Anvil is an Oatmeal Stout, of the Porter family. Deep garnet to ruby in colour, as you bring the glass to your mouth, the dried prunes and raisin aromas hint at what is to follow. The underlying roasted coffee and dark chocolaty taste lingers in the mouth and combines with the silkiness of the oats to give a richness of flavour with a medium, sweet pallet. The combination of local and imported malts, plus a good dose of oats, bestows a complexity of aromas and tastes. Smooth as silk, it’s easy drinkability makes it the perfect winter beer in front of a crackling fire.




4% ABV  | Theoretical IBU’s 30-32

This Alaskan Amber Ale is rich in both colour and has a malty, chocolatey, dark fruit flavour.

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We don’t like to brag, but we have been awarded Africa’s Brewer of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2019 for a number of our beers. We have been awarded for our Mjolnir IPA, White, Bookoo and Malificent craft beers.

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