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Theo De Beer (with a name like that, you can’t help but think it was a calling) founded the Anvil Brewhouse in 2010, with 10 years brewing experience behind him before that. Named Anvil because Theo’s father was a latter-day blacksmith, which is why we like to call Theo and his protégé and now brewmaster Christo Holtzhausen, Beersmiths.

All our beers are brewed on site in Dullstroom using water sourced on site from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge, one of our most special and important ingredients. Combined with local and internationally sourced hops and ingredients, we brew many variants including Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, Black Anvil, Alaskan Amber Ale as well as our intentionally awarded White Anvil, Bookoo and Mjolnir IPA.

Most of the food is locally sourced (like the German sausage from Nelspruit), and the relishes, mustard and desserts are all made on the premises. You might want to sample the boozy cake – which receives generous lashings of alcohol during the production process. There is a daily food menu that includes dishes such as smoked trout and scrambled egg, wholesome veggie soup, trout quiche and other delights.


It’s our way of saying “cheers!” around here at the Anvil Brewhouse in Dullstroom, and there’s good reason for it. Simply put, we just believe that you need to look at your beer, and smell it, before you even take that first sip. Firstly, pour it into a glass, it allows you to see the colour; is it pale golden?, copper red? tinged with lime green or dark garnet? Is the beer clear or is there an intentional haziness from the retained yeast? And now, get your nose in there. We’re not trying to be fancy, it’s just that your sense of taste is influenced more by smell than the taste buds on your tongue. By pouring the beer, you release the carbonation and these tiny bubbles act as a trap for many of the flavour notes and every time one pops it releases a tiny burst of aroma. You inhale these aromas with each sip, where it combines with the taste buds on your tongue to give you the full-on flavour experience. A lot of love goes into crafting the beer you are about to drink, make the most of it. Eyes up, nose down.






Brewed on site at the Anvil Brewhouse in Dullstroom, using water sourced on site from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge. Made with the same passion and craftsmanship since way back in the day. Make the most of it by pouring and drinking it from a glass. Eyes!

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Mail for door to door deliveries and prices for your favourite Anvil beers.



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