Anvil Ale beers

Anvil Ale House specialises in brewing European style ales. These beers differ from the mainstream South African beers in that:

  • They are brewed with top fermenting yeasts
  • The brewers finesse in combining and blending local and imported malts, specific yeast strains and hop varieties produce beers with more aroma and tastes that can vary from fruity, to hoppy to citrusy
  • They generally have a lower level of carbonation
  • A more pronounced hop character is sometimes evident milliseconds after the first sip is swallowed

We brew with water sourced from the Sub-Alpine springs located in the Steenkampsberg range to the north of Dullstroom. The beers are unpasteurized and contain no enhancers or unnatural additives. Some of the beers are unfiltered while others may be coarse filtered so as to retain a small percentage of active live yeast.

What we are about

The slow food movement came into being to counter the pressure of the everyday rat race. More and more people want to align themselves with a lifestyle that harks back to hand-crafted produce. In an age of faceless multiple choice systems people thrive when they are able to make contact and speak to the producer of the goods. They want to be reassured that the goods are locally and honestly made resulting in a high quality product that counters the mediocrity of mass produced goods. In line with the above we strive to brew Anvil Ale House beers as artisanal beers in the true sense of the word. No push button "turnkey systems" are employed in the manufacture of our beers, but rather a lot of sweat and physical activity goes into the creation of our "babies".

We keep a low profile but deliver high on quality.

Our beers

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